K2 Summer Photo Contest

What’s more ‘merican than a summer July 4th barbecue? Well, maybe skiing on the nation’s birthday, too! K2 wants to join us and give away some skis — and not just any skis, nothing you can walk into a store and buy, but some special red-white-and-blue, stand-up-and-salute-the-flag, all-American-as-apple-pie K2 Pinnacle 88s. (I had to take off my hat and hold my hand over my heart to type that.) And K2 has supplied us with not one pair but four, to commemorate the K2 Four, to which these Pinnacle 88s pay homage!

  • Here are the rules:
    • •Pictures should be taken during July 4th celebrations. They can be serious, they can be fun, they can be #seriousfun.
      •We know that not everyone can actually be on snow, so just make sure there is something skiing-related in the photograph (ideally, something K2-related).
      •One entry per person, please.
      •Pictures may be submitted until July 10 at 6 pm (Pacific) in this thread. Forum members will vote by “liking” the post with the submission. (The “like” button is in the lower right corner of the post.)
      •The voting will be closed at the end of July, and winners will be counted then. In case of a tie between two posts, the earlier post will be ranked higher.
      •The top four vote-getters will win a pair of K2 Red, White, and Blue Experimental Pinnacle 88 skis, either 177 or 184.

      •The honorable mentions will win K2’s 50 Years of Serious Fun, a 200-page coffee table book. Chosen at random by our crack(ed) staff with input and influence from the community, these will be the entries that stand out for being fun, creative, eclectic, and otherwise deserving of recognition.
  • If you are not a member of pugski.com’s community, it is easy: just join. Then go to this thread and upload your photo. After uploading, hang around and check out the site; see our preview of next year’s K2s and what our testers are saying about them here; and take a look at some of the other discussions going on!

Please look for #k2pugskiphotocontest17 on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.