Breaking News: RIP

In 1999, AC had a vision to create a place where people who were passionate about skiing could hang out and talk about all things skiing, which was the beginning of Over the years, the passion shared by the members fueled conversations about ski instruction, ski gear, ski trips, ski resorts, ski academies, ski gatherings, and even a few ski weddings … including ours.

We witnessed several evolutions of EpicSki as platforms and ownership changed, but the community kept humming along. AC nursed Epic as an infant, nurturing the site so it could indeed walk (or, in this case, ski) on its own. Nolo then took EpicSki to adulthood, and finally Mountain News Corp. ownership took it to the end. Technically, MNC is not shutting down EpicSki: Wikia shut down Huddler, leaving Epic without a platform.

Today we say goodbye to our old friend as we knew it. But we continue to build on its sense of community and discussion of all things skiing.